Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Cedar Park Crossfit Story to June 11 Teton Dam Marathon 2011.

My Cedar Park Crossfit Story -

I came into Crossfit after knowing the Tillmans for years and getting bored with doing Triathlons and Marathons, I needed another challenge in my life. So my thought "Why not try Crossfit out". Week before Thanksgiving 2009 I joined Coach Nikki and Hillary at the park for Crossfit Bootcamp, first WOD had something to do with Sprints, Handstand Pushups, and Situps...Lets just say Thank Goodness for the Sprints and What is this Handstand Pushup thing?!....I had the endurance and stamina but doing a Situp alone was hard. On top of that shock Nikki decides to start talking Paleo with me...WHAT?! I am scared enough...But over a year later I am still more into Crossfit than ever, "Drinking the Koolaide" Big Time!.

Dabbling with Paleo and seeing more PRs in Crossfit I decided to take it to the next level with the Crossfit "I do the Impossible Challenge", 6 Weeks of full on Paleo and diving into making "dreams" come true. Learning the ends and out of what makes Paleo eating successful, leaning out big time, PRs like crazy, and tackling things like Faster Running and Double Unders were all apart of my "I CAN do the Impossible". I think this Challenge brought out the Beast in me and gave me a real taste of what I wanted in my Athletic World. No longer could I really say I was a Runner in a Crossfit world because I think I have become "A Crossfitter in a Runners World". Thanks Coach David Tillman!

During the Impossible Challenge I completed 2 Half Marathons...One not so good because it was in the beginning where my body was not adjusted to all the changes I had been making BUT the other being AMAZING. Not a PR but I was so Strong and felt so great with this very challenging course, that got me fired up...So why not start training for some Full Marathons again?!

I started working with David Tillman and transitioning from the regular long marathon training ways (that I have been doing for years) to the Crossfit Endurance Training for all my running and upping Crossfit WODs 3x Week. Being a little skeptical I kept at it, pushing, getting faster, seeing PRs in all my Lifts and Workouts. During all my other Marathon Training years I have always battled with injuries right before the big race day or just being burned out. NOT THIS TIME!

Saturday June 11 was the real test....Teton Dam Marathon (Full 26.2 miles) in Rexburg, Idaho. Never Training in Mountains or Elevation, I have to say a little freaked out is under stating it. And my last two full Marathons were a horrible experience to me. Starting the Marathon at 5900ft elevation with very cold and rainy temps the horn went off, in my mind I was thinking to myself "well here I go, why am I doing this"?...Miles 1-7 were off road gravel farmland with no flats and a nice cold rain coming down, this air is thin (lots of side cramping happened) and not easy to breath when your use to Texas. As I stayed on pace to Mile 15 for a huge PR it started to get Hot and Windy and as soon as that started to happen Miles 17-22 were a complete Mountain Uphill Climb in the Middle of Farm Country...I just got through, walk - run...just keep moving Suzanne, you can do this Suzanne..Telling myself. As I am going up this Climb "America the Beautiful" started playing on my IPod and I looked up and forgot the pain and the climb as I saw the Snow Covered Mountains and just started crying and remembered how strong I was. Time to dig deep! As I got up to the top on 22-Finish I knew even though it was rolling hills the whole time I could really run the downhills and make it. So that's what I did, it was time to get to the finish line, as tired and stiff as my body was it was time to finish. To the Finish line I went....No Hobbling, Strong Finish, was able to walk when done. To anybody that has seen me after my other marathons this was truly a testament to them on how strong Crossfit has made me. I am a believer, I finished with not a PR but only 8mins off and beat 8mins off my last marathon, and was not the last person on the course. I can say "I was Happy"..No Injuries and able to walk, even Better!

I will continue in my Journey of Eating Paleo, Crossfit, and Crossfit Endurance Training for my Next Marathon (which is Chicago in October)..Who knows maybe one day I can compete with the Crossfit Fittest People?! Stay tuned because I have big plans......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"America the Beautiful"

Something hit me this year going into the Austin Marathon/Half Marathon 2011 Event.  It hit me that this was my Fourth Year being involved in this Race (2x Half/2x Full), I could actually say that I am a seasoned racer.  When realizing this, one would think that the jitters before the horn goes off would not affect me anymore, or the night before I would be able to sleep without running everything through my head over and over, BUT no that is not true.

Sunday, Feb 20th I woke up at 4:30 am to get ready for the Austin Half Marathon.  This would be the 3rd Half for me this season (Nov-Feb) and I just woke up with a "I don't want to" attitude.  After contemplating calling my Coach at 4:30am for a get your "arse" out of bed speech and go do the race, I decided his wife probably would not like me so much, so I counted on my husband to give me that speech and he probably would have but with 1hr of sleep (due to a band gig) I think he had his fingers crossed that he could go back to sleep himself.  So with much fight with myself I started thinking of all the hard work I had done to get to this race, how much work Coach Dave had put into me doing this race, and what if I did not do it? How would I know if what I was doing paid off, if it was working or not?  So that is when I got myself out of bed!  I have always said that I can be my worst or best enemy.

As I finally got out of bed and started prepping myself for the race I started it out with a scaled down version of my Paleo Breakfast.  Oh, did I leave that out?  I have been in a CrossFit Challenge for 7 Weeks (total 8 weeks) and it has consisted of me completely doing a different training program and eating routine.  I have been Training doing CrossFit Class 2x Week and CrossFit Endurance Running the other days, with usually only 1 Rest Day (sometimes 2) and Eating a Complete Paleo Diet (with 1 cheat meal a week and my usual Latte here and there (sugar free/skim milk). Breakfast consisted of 1 egg, half avocado, half paleo bar, which if your a runner most runners would prefer a bagel and peanut butter that early in the morning.

Let me back up a little.  With the first Half Marathon of the Season it was the San Antonio Half Marathon and I PR'd my time by 4mins, which was a time from 2008 that I finally broke.  I had been doing regular CrossFit Classes for a Year at that time and on and off with the Paleo Eating, Running was the usual Half Marathon Training Plan.  I have to say the weather was perfect and I just felt strong and totally kicked that Half out of the park for myself.  Night before ate lasagna, wine, ice cream.  For breakfast I think I had some coffee and maybe a full bar.  But it was the feeling strong, is what was so great.  It was also an extremely flat course.  So great race, but from there to what I did for the 3M and Austin was completely different.  You can say I have struggled, learned, grown, and had to give over my mind set for the last 7 weeks.

We will totally just ignore that 3M Half Marathon happened.  It was a horrible, hot, miserable race for me, lots of stomach cramping and just nasty.  I had only been in my Challenge and New Routine for 3 Weeks and it totally just crushed me.  SKIP AHEAD!

Austin Half Marathon 2011! 
The Week Leading up to this event I did Workouts and hard workouts Mon-Thurs, took off Fri-Sat from Workouts (worked all day Friday) and had a Great Race on Sunday.  Eating, Mon-Sun Morning was Complete Paleo (minus the few chocolate bites I had Monday night valentines).  I have really added a ton of Greens to each meal and watched my protein intake and just been cautious of the ratio of carb/protein/fat that I intake.  Leveling off some of the greens Saturday, eating a big breakfast with some greens and paleo pancakes, lunch a 6oz steak, broccoli, sweet potato, snack apple w/ almond butter, and dinner 6pm was 1 egg and paleo pancake, lots of Water and Coconut Water intake.  I was ready!  You already heard earlier about my fight with myself and breakfast.  So lets get to the race already....

So many people, such a huge crowd, I ended up not in the way back of the line which is where I usually start, I was starting with the 9min mile crowd (we all know I am not that fast but why not start there?).  As the horn goes off I still had those jitters and the thoughts of why am I doing this? I am not feeling this today.  But as we started and I cued up my music it began to feel good and then I realized the first 6miles of this race was uphill (big hills).  Did I mention that this whole race is about the hills and scenic view of Austin?  They even changed the route this year to add more hills.  Aren't they nice people?  And I remember clear as day rounding the corner and going up a hill at around 1.5miles and "America the Beautiful" coming on from the Zac Brown Band, and as it started playing I looked up and saw an ocean of runners climbing the hill and thinking to myself "I love running races", "today is going to be good", and from there it was a good race.

I ran with passion and enjoyment, my quotes were "peace and strength" and "pain is weakness leaving the body".  I felt strong, I had my shot bloks and gu, I felt the squishing of blisters but still at mile 9 I was having fun.  I realized at mile 9, when I was still enjoying myself and pushing, that I really had grown stronger, faster and better at running, and that the CrossFit Challenge and New Training and Eating Routine really had made a difference in me. 

As a Runner I know that if you PR in this Race its amazing b/c this is one you just don't usually compare to the San Antonio or 3M Races b/c of the Hills.  I only looked at my watch 3x b/c I was just going to do what I came to do and that was push to the end, cross the finish line knowing you gave everything you had.  And that is what I did.  At mile 12 going up a horrendous hill I gave everything I had, if it were not for that hill I would have had a PR but with that hill I was only shy of my PR by 2mins which made me very proud knowing the extreme differences in the Route of the races.

To end this very long blog I have to say I am so Excited to continue this Training and Eating Routine and taking it through to the Chicago Full Marathon Oct 2011.  Thank You to my Cheer Team and Wonderful Family, JT and Cassie, (Cookie was there too).  Thank You Coach Dave for helping me through and letting me fully trust you with this Challenge.  Thanks to Coach Nikki b/c she was my first CrossFit Coach and the whole "pain is weakness leaving the body" quote is from her.  And just Thank You for CrossFit Cedar Park for making me into a stronger athlete and runner.  It was a Good Day and I look forward to seeing what happens in Chicago!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!!!

Yes, I am Back!!! It's a New Year, New Goals have started again.  I won't bore you with what happened after my last post from so long ago but a quick run through.

1. I have been in CrossFit for 1yr in Nov.
2. I have PR'd in CrossFit (Placed in 3 (maybe 4) Challenges), Did my 1st Olympic Triathlon and beat my Goal Time, and Took 4mins off my Half Marathon Time (and felt great). 
3. I have been Injury Free.
4. I have learned how to push myself and run faster.
5. I can actually pick up more weight than 25lbs now :) PR's in all my weight lifting.

See, I only made you read through 5 quick looks of what I have accomplished in the last year of being in CrossFit and continuing my Running.

Big Goals and Moving Forward in 2011! Quick Preview of what is to come...
1. Just getting back on track with my Weight, Eating and Workouts.
2. Starting a New CrossFit Challenge from Jan 8 - March 5, The Impossible Challenge.

What do I want out of this new challenge?
a. For my love of Running and CrossFit to mesh and not feel like I have to choose one or the other.  I love both, both make me a better athlete, and I want them to work together.
b. 2 more Half Marathons to go (Jan and Feb) and I would love to continue with my PR's and getting faster.
c. Marathon Training will start soon (Full that is) and I want to get through a Marathon feeling Good and Strong, injury free during the training, enjoy the training.
d. I want to get Stronger and Faster.
e. I would love to finish being able to do Double Unders and Hand Stand Pushups.

3. I will be running either the NYC Marathon or Chicago Marathon in 2011.  I am ready for a Good Full Marathon.  This is my Year to do this!

I will be challenged in the fact that I will be dedicating myself, my goals, my training, crossfit, running, everything in the hands of Cedar Park CrossFit Coaches.  I will stay focused and motivated, I will do the Training I need to to accomplish my goals.  The only person that can hold me back is Myself in everything.  I can be my worst enemy or the greatest hero to myself.  I CAN AND WILL REACH MY GOALS FOR 2011!!!!!!

Until I post again, HAPPY NEW YEAR and Set Goals for yourself and Follow through with those goals...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Catching Up To Do!

    As you all know per Doc Orders I have had 1 Month Off from high intensity workouts. Basically in that month (3 days to go) I have done Walking, Jogging, and some Slow Running anywhere from 2-7miles. But this is nothing close to what I am use to. After working Saturday at Rogue and seeing all my running buddies I had the itch so bad, I needed the burn of a hard workout once again, I figured that I had already been pushing what the Doc had told me and all stitches are still in place so it was time. 4 Days Early (Sunday) I went to the Gym and did a .50mile Sprint Run + 1000m Row x3 Rounds, it killed me, I felt like it was my first workout I had ever done BUT I did it and it felt so wonderful. On both the Run and Row I was about 1min slower than before the 1 month break. After that Cassie (swimmer daughter) and I decided to go Swim Laps for 20mins, I had not done any swimming since the summer time and it felt great.
So I would say I have some "Catching Up To Do" to get back where I was but I AM BACK AND BACK WITH A VENGEANCE...

On the Books -

1st = Cox Family Challenge this week. We made it through Saturday and Sunday with NO eating out, living on Fresh Farmers Market Food so we decided to take it one step further, a WHOLE WEEK of no eating out.

2nd = 10k Trail Run May (last one of series), 1-2 Sprint Tri's this season, and then time for my Half Marathon Season (SA-Nov, 3M-Jan, Austin-Feb) decided this was my Half Marathon Season, time for PRs and Enjoyment, some shorter Run Races in between.

3rd = Taking time off from food logging. After this month I am extremely focused on eating healthy. I am allowing to keep Coffee w/ small amounts of Low Fat Milk and for sweet cravings Organic Dark Chocolate. Eating Out very little and mostly living on as much Farm Fresh items as I can.

Life is Good, I feel Refreshed and Ready to Kick Ass!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hibernating Bear...OH MY!

When an Active Bear goes into Hibernation they become Irritable, Tired all the time (hibernating), Hungry when awake, and just not a Bear you want to encounter.
Let this be a WARNING to all of you out there, about ME at this time in my life. Think of me as that hibernating bear, one that has been cornered and can not go to sleep and hide out.

I had a surgery procedure done by the Dermatologist 2 weeks ago on my Shoulder and Thigh as everybody already knows.

So for 2 weeks I was on NO WORKOUT restriction which killed and depressed me but the 1st week I felt like crap and the 2nd week well lets just say I did 4mile "not running" workouts. Yes, Yes I did pull a few top stitches, but they did get stuck on my shorts when I was "not running". LOL!

So Today was supposed to be a glorious day, getting the stitches out and then going to do a workout (to kill myself) and back to CrossFit tomorrow. Guess the Doc had something else in mind. Another FREAKIN 2 WEEKS! He told me to think of myself as "a 70 year old lady doing workouts". I told him "he better run or I was going to hit him". Lol, he left the room! Guess another 2 weeks of healing and more "not running".
I have so many New Goals, Passion, and Fire inside me right now. Watch out because I will be unstoppable after a month of "rest".

Food has been pretty healthy. I would say I have been 80-90% Paleo and 10-20% Cheats. Not Bad, we will see what the scale says later....  I also did a 7 Day Full Body Cleanse and Detox which really was a good thing.

Signing Off Now,
It's time for this Bear to go Hibernate!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stitches and More Stitches :(

No Fun Today Thurs 3/25.

I knew I was going to the Dermatologist Surgeon to have minor surgery on two spots that came back with unclear borders.

I had NO CLUE that it would be 2 hours on the table with major cuts (deep and wide), taking out each layer of skin, and lots of stitches underneath and on top of the skin.

Also the entire two hours I was trying to convince him that there had to be some kind of workout that I could do.

The End to the Story = No Workouts including Running, Cycle, Swim, Yoga, Weights, CrossFit, Etc. for TWO WEEKS!!! Oh but I am allowed to walk since they can't keep me from doing that in my daily life. LOL! Whatever!

So Thurs-Sun (1-4) = Depressed, Pain/Soreness, Yuck, No Nothing, Bad Food.

I did work a Running Expo on Saturday which helped get me out and going but after that I was totally a mess and rundown.

Total Crunches Sat-Sun = 200. And that is all the Workout I did.

Why is something so wonderful as Sunshine so bad for you?!

"That is how I get there".

To the Finish Line that is...

Wednesday 3.24.2010 I was feeling so strong, feeling like I was finally going to reach my CrossFit Goals, seeing the results I needed to see.

On the last round of a Extremely Intense/Hard Workout (for me) my Coach said "It feels good getting closer to the Finish Line, I can tell you are working harder".

My Response "That is how I get there". As you are zoning in to that Finish, it is the time to push harder, focus, reach that goal b/c you are so close, so close to the end.

Coach Nikki even exclaimed the fact that she could see muscles and tone in my arms and shoulders, which made me feel even better about what I was doing.

This day was a Good Day, sometimes when trying new stuff and having new goals it is more of a test than anything and now I know my test is working.


W/U = 100 Jump Rope, 25 Lunges, 10 Neg Bar Pullups x 2-3 Rounds

WOD = Lifts and Row.
500m Row
Deadlift, Hang Clean, Front Sqt, Push Press, Back Sqt, Push Press = 1 Lift x9 = 1 Round
x3 Rounds = 33:20, 45lbs.

Learning the technique and actually getting it down was a big step for me during this workout and also starting with a heavier weight and not stepping down to lighter weight was a huge step for me.

Sweat was everywhere, my shirt soaked, body burning, But Oh SO GOOD!